We at Crosshairs strive to provide a safe and enjoyable paintball experience for everyone! Please understand that the following rules must be enforced in order to maintain an environment that is as safe as it is fun!

1. Each player over 18 must sign a waiver with proof of ID. Players under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian with proof of ID.
2. Paintguns must be chronographed before use and cannot exceed 280 fps.
3. Approved eye protection/safety masks must be worn at all times while on active playing fields.
4. Barrel blocking devices must always be used in the staging areas, anytime you are not in an active field and anytime someone is not wearing a safety mask.
5. No paintball chambering, discharging (shooting) or dry firing while outside of the playing field.
6. Referee instructions must be followed. Always listen to and show respect for your ref. If a problem is incurred on the field yell, scream, wave or whatever it takes to get the ref’s attention. All decisions made by the refs are final!
7. Players are terminated from play when the paintball breaks after coming in contact with the player, the player’s marker, or if a player calls him or herself out.
8. Make it known to the referee and other players when you are hit. Yell ‘hit’, put the barrel cover over the barrel of your gun, lift your gun over your head and proceed off of the field. Keep eye protection on until in your dead zone.
9. Shooting intentionally at terminated players will result in elimination from the game.
10. Blind firing is not permitted.
11. Only our field paint is permitted for use at our paintball facility. Only new paintballs are permitted for use. DO NOT pick up used paintballs!
12. If a rental gun jams or you need assistance with it, see a referee or staff member for help. Do not disassemble it.
13. Maximum of 15 bps (balls per second) semi-automatic only.
14. Show respect for everyone at our facility:
*no arguing
*no fighting
*no profanity
*play by the rules
15. Illegal substances, alcohol or tobacco products are NOT permitted at our facility. Anyone entering our facility under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances will be escorted off our premises.
16. No climbing trees or onto roofs.
17. No shooting within 10 feet.
18. Must be at least 10 years of age to play paintball at our facility. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

We maintain the right to refuse participation to anyone on any grounds deemed applicable to us. There are no refunds of the field fee or rental fees if you are asked to leave.