What should I wear?
We recommend:
Wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants
Wear an old pair of high top boots or sneakers to support your ankles
Bring a hat such as a baseball cap
Bring gloves – half finger style is good
Do I need to bring any paintball equipment?
We have all the essential equipment you’ll need to play paintball. However you may want to bring knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, chest protectors and neck protectors if you want extra protective padding.
Does it hurt to get shot with a paintball?
It may sting a bit like a rubber band snap. The type of clothing and protective gear you wear helps a lot! Most people might not even know when they are hit. Approved paintball masks to protect your eyes and face are mandatory safety gear!
Does the paint stain?
No. Hits come off yourself and your clothing after washing.
Can I bring my own equipment?
Can I bring my own paintballs?
No, this is not allowed. This is a field paint only facility! Which means paintballs must be purchased at our facility.
Can I bring food and drinks into the park?
Yes, but no alcoholic beverages are allowed. We do sell food and non alcoholic beverages at our park.
What is the minimum age to play at your park?
We recommend 10 - anyone under this age must be accompanied by an adult.
What happens after I arrive?
Our staff will get you checked-in and registered and you or your guardian must sign a waiver. Then you will go to the staging area where you will be read all the safety rules of the game. You will now be ready to play on the fields. Our staff members will guide you to the next available open game. Throughout the day, you will play on a variety of fields and may participate in an assortment of different style games!
I have never played paintball before will I be on a field with experienced players?
No, you will be put on teams according to your paintball experience.
Please feel free to ask questions to any of our staff at any time. Their job is to keep you safe and help in any way. Take breaks if you need to and join in later when another game starts. The head ref will announce the start of games in the staging areas usually 10 minutes before departing to the field.
Always play by the rules – be good, play good. You are here to have a GOOD time!!